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Our Courses and Workshops

We regularly offer short courses face to face – your venue or ours OR online through our Zoom portal.The sessions are suitable for parents, early childhood educators, teachers, leadership teams, community members.

Your Facilitator

Ever since Kathryn was a little girl she liked to teach people and watch for the ‘light bulb’ moments. The garage of her childhood home was her classroom and the neighbourhood children her class. As an adult, Kathryn acquired many degrees in the teaching field and now uses her skills, knowledge in research in a range of different settings and audiences. Her life purpose is to make a difference in the lives of children and families through education and support.

Since 2012, Dr Kathryn Murray has been the passionate founder of Training and Education Services. Kathryn has over 35 years’ experience working with children, families and colleagues in the education. She is a public speaker, motivator, coach, mentor, tertiary lecturer, teacher, Certified Money Coach©and advocate for wellness in the workplace, self awareness and respectful working relationships. Kathryn is a recognised public speaker and has presented a range of topics to varied audiences nationally and internationally.

Kathryn’s qualifications include:
Diploma in Teaching (Primary/Preschool), Bachelor of Education, Masters of Education, Cert IV in Training and Assessing, Doctor of Education, Certified Money Coach© as well as numerous certificates and workplace recognition awards including Central Queensland University’s Online Distance Educator of the Year 2017 and 2018.

Common Topics

Learning Magic :
Designing, planning and building indoor and outdoor environments based on research that provide opportunities for teaching and learning.

Bouncing Off The Walls :
Understanding what children are trying to tell us through their behaviour and how we should respond.

What Are We Learning? :
Placing importance on the development that takes place during learning, rather than the end product.

Teaching With The Brain In Mind :
How understanding neuroscience helps us relate to children and developmentally structure teaching and learning opportunities.

Are You Who You Think You Are? :
Self reflection, neuroscience, personality traits and emotional intelligence all play a part in communicating positively.

Moving From Victim To Hero :
Building personal confidence, self esteem, self acceptance creates a happier life and improves mental/physical health and wellbeing.

Childhood Money Beliefs and Behaviours :
The patterns learnt in early childhood influence our belief systems and adult behaviours and our relationship with money. Seeing it as a reflection of our belief system and making small but significant changes can alter our life trajectory. Learning what NOT to say to our children.

Growing Successful Adults :
Making sure we provide the structure in the early years to grow children who are resilient, problem solvers, decision makers, communicators, negotiators, collaborators…to successfully achieve in the 21st century.


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