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By Dr Kathy Murray
Education specialist, Author, Public Speaker, Coach and Mentor.

Research shows that there is increased stress, low morale, unmet goals, and project delays when there’s poor communication at work.

Are you an example of the research – stressed, not meeting your targets and don’t care?

People that I have worked with comment on how they feel sick in the morning before going to work and have a ‘churning tummy’ because they are worried about potential confrontation. This really makes me feel sad knowing that each morning is unsettled.

This can all be improved by using 4 little secrets to help you communicate effectively with your boss or work mates. How would you like to transform yourself and your workplace into a calm and happy environment where clear communication is the superpower of the business.

These are the 4 secrets weapons to communicating clearly.

  1. Use eye contact and a smile when you are walking toward someone. First impressions matter and can’t be repeated. Walk tall, look at the person you are walking towards, make eye contact and smile – even if it’s hard to do with some people it will definitely be worth the effort! You will give a confident first impression. You will appear confident and feel strong.
  2. Be in the moment. Concentrate on your senses. What do you hear, what do you see, what is the smell you notice, how do your clothes feel on your body, does a smell remind you of a taste? Being in the moment means that you will focus better and you will concentrate more on what is happening and what you want to say.
  3. Don’t forget to breathe. Take 3 seconds to breathe in, hold for 3 seconds, and exhale for 3 seconds. Do this 3 times. This is the 3 second super power. Breathing deeply will calm your brain. A calm brain is a thinking brain. You will say the right words and not feel silly because the wrong word comes out or worse – nothing comes out!
  4. Speak in a calm voice with a low tone. This is non threatening to you and the other person.Using a controlled and modulated voice makes you feel in control and gives the impression of being reasonable and confident.

Have a game plan.

What do I mean by that?

  • Know what you want to say to your boss or colleagues to communicate clearly and avoid possible misunderstandings.
  • Think about the words you use. Using emotive or confrontational words or tone influences how the other person relates to you and responds.
  • Think about the outcome you are trying to achieve and the words that will lead to that outcome.

We want you to go to work with a calm tummy, a smile on your face and goals to achieve for that day – we all need that sense of satisfaction! Using your 4 secret weapons to communication will be your superpower at work!

Where to from here?
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Dr Kathy Murray has worked with children and families for 34 years as a teacher, researcher and university lecturer. Kathy now works casually with preservice teachers at Central Queensland University in Noosa, while supporting parents, early childhood educators, leaders and organizations through her consultancy business, Training and Education Services.