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What’s unique about the Training and Education Services’ program?

We provide personalised professional development sessions, mentoring, workplace environment planning, environment design and set up to meet the needs of your organisation. We shape our sessions so that they are practical and informative for individuals or your group after discussing with you what you would like your outcomes to be. We use research and practical experience to support the quality of our presentations and workshops. Emotional intelligence, brain science, relationship building and other relevant research and strategies feature heavily in everything we do with our groups.

Where will we meet?

Our facilitator is available to come to your workplace or a separate venue during or after hours.
If a staff presentation or workshop is required we will need a data projector and screen/wall OR an interactive whiteboard OR a television large enough to view a PowerPoint presentation on. Depending on the session handouts are usually available for printing too.

How much do professional growth presentations or mentoring cost?

We have individual rates or package rates that may be more economical. This can be quoted when the needs are discussed and recommendations given. We want to customise our service to meet your requirements rather than offer a generic rate. We would prefer to discuss concerns or interests and then provide you with options that both suit your desired outcome for the session and budget.

What are my payment options?

You are invited to pay by PayPal or Credit Card through our website before the service occurs or on an invoice generated with direct debit details before or after the completion of the booking.

What options are available for clients on a limited budget?

We will always try to reach an economical fee structure. Package prices are available and are often more economical than one off sessions. This can be discussed prior to booking us.

How many participants do we need to hold a professional growth session?

We have found that a minimum of 6 is worthwhile. This is the minimum number for staff sessions. Our previous presentations have ranged from small groups to much larger groups in the hundreds.

If a work team would like to organise a session independently then usually 6-10 is a good number although we can cater for any size group of people.

What is the presenter or mentor’s professional background?

The facilitator is university trained, has conducted academic research and has lengthy experience working in schools, early learning centres and with business organisations. See more in the ‘About’ section of the website.

Do we need to commit to a certain number of mentoring sessions?

We recommend that if possible you commit to a series of mentor sessions for yourself or your staff to support changes and transformation using the strategies that are suggested to you. Research tells us that one off professional development sessions without follow up work is unsuccessful in changing people’s ideas and behaviours.

How long is each mentor session?

Mentoring an individual may be 2 hours, a small group may be 2.5 hours. Every situation is different and people have different requirements so the time is individualised to suit the needs of the client.

How long do the professional growth presentations or workshops go for?

The session time can be adjusted to suit your needs, budget and time frame. Usually they run for a minimum of 60-90 minutes. Depending on the context and topics you may want a half or full day presentation or a 90 minute session in the evening. This is negotiated when your session aims are discussed prior to booking.

Do you have a contract?

No contract is required. We prefer to build positive and respectful relationships where we both honour our agreement for services and payment.


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