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Ever since Kathryn was a little girl she liked to teach people and watch for the ‘light bulb’ moments. The garage of her childhood home was her classroom and the neighbourhood children her class. As an adult, Kathryn acquired many degrees in the teaching field and now uses her skills, knowledge in research in a range of different settings and audiences. Her life purpose is to make a difference in the lives of children and families through education and support.

Since 2012, Dr Kathryn Murray has been the passionate founder of Training and Education Services. Kathryn has over 35 years’ experience working with children, families and colleagues in the education. She is a public speaker, motivator, coach, mentor, tertiary lecturer, teacher, Certified Money Coach©and advocate for wellness in the workplace, self awareness and respectful working relationships. Kathryn is a recognised public speaker and has presented a range of topics to varied audiences nationally and internationally.

Kathryn’s qualifications include:
Diploma in Teaching (Primary/Preschool), Bachelor of Education, Masters of Education, Cert IV in Training and Assessing, Doctor of Education, Certified Money Coach© as well as numerous certificates and workplace recognition awards including Central Queensland University’s Online Distance Educator of the Year 2017 and 2018.


Dr Kathryn Murray began her career teaching in early childhood classrooms in Queensland, Australia. She continued with her passion for 25 years while continuing to study and research. She then was invited to move into the academic sector to lecture pre-service teachers. She has been a tenured lecturer in education, specialising in early childhood for 8 years at Central Queensland University, Noosa campus.

Kathryn took time away from academia and worked as an educational consultant, national and international speaker, mentor and coach based in Melbourne. Moving back to Queensland after too many cold Melbourne winters allowed Kathryn to take up a position as a part-time education lecturer at CQUni, Noosa campus. During this time, Kathryn spoke at national and international conferences and more locally for community organisations on a range of topics. Mentoring graduates of the teaching degree program was a job of love that Kathryn extended to her former uni students.

Kathryn is also the founder of Training and Education Services - Valuing Early Childhood, a consultancy business working with educators and parents to extend capabilities in the early childhood sector to support the growth and learning opportunities for every child. Kathryn has recently submitted her doctoral dissertation on the decision making process that parents use when selecting an early childhood setting for their child.  This research involved interviewing many parents about their requirements in an early childhood setting for their child.

Kathryn continues to speak on early childhood issues, provide professional development presentations and mentor educators nationally and internationally while sharing her expertise with pre-service teachers at Central Queensland University.

Training and Education Services works with ‘people who work with people’.

Our wealth of experience of over 34 years working with adults, children, educators, teachers, parents, organisations and leaders in numerous settings throughout Australia allows us to provide practical professional development sessions, workshops, mentoring and guidance. We use an holistic approach and support the development of mind, body and spirit to build skills and knowledge.

Early Childhood Sector

Training and Education Services is an organisation with a passion to support early childhood educators and parents of young children.

Our aim is to guide early childhood educators and reignite their passion to implement teaching strategies and practices to provide quality opportunities for children. We want children to have a quality education with educators who are the ‘best of the best’.

We use the latest research into brain science and developmentally and culturally appropriate practice to build knowledge explain the ways that children and adults best learn.

TES provides practical, research-based information to empower educators and parents to feel relaxed, confident, organised and excited to teach and learn with young children each day.

“Calm environments, happy rooms, busy noise, extension of skills are just some of the results to be expected after working with TES.”

“Children and adults feel heard and understood and this helps build stronger relationships and feelings of security.”

Business Sector

As adults, we spend much of our lives in our workplace. At TES, we work with staff and leaders of businesses and organisations to build great workplaces where people are happy to come to work each day.

Building positive and professional relationships at work reduces stress, helps to achieve goals, meet deadlines, have less fake days off, feel satisfied and enjoy our time in our workplaces. Staff wellbeing, respectful relationships and a culture of communications is what we help businesses achieve.

“Leaders begin working with staff from a place of confidence in their skills and knowledge that reignites their passion for their job and doing what they do best.”


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