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Welcome to Training and Education Services

Training and Education Services is a consultancy business. We coach people who work with people! The Training and Education Services team work with organisations, business leaders, teachers and educators through professional development presentations, workshops and mentoring. We reignite your passion for your profession. Through education and training we build an understanding of each other using research such as, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to support the development of your full potential.

Dr Kathy Murray is the founder, passionate facilitator and driving force behind the TES team. She has a background in education, is a public speaker, motivator, experienced coach, tertiary lecturer, teacher, and advocate for wellness and communication in the workplace.

In the education sector, Kathy specialises in extending professional and personal skills for teachers, educators and leaders in the early years. She customises professional growth sessions to build practical knowledge and skills to increase classroom effectiveness and reignite the passion for teaching. Brain Science, Emotional Intelligence, developmentally appropriate practice, related research and 30 years experience is the basis of Kathy’s presentations and mentoring. Kathy has a holistic approach when working with people and builds awareness and skills of personal wellness strategies to ensure that every day is the best it can be. Supporting our teachers, educators and leaders by building professional and personal capacity ensures that our children are getting the ‘best of the best’ when attending school or an early learning centre.

In the business sector, Kathy provides professional development sessions and coaching for leadership teams, whole staff groups, individuals in new business ventures, established business teams or organisations. Support and strategies are provided to build or extend positive and effective communication strategies, team building, connections with clients and colleagues, work place wellness, personal development and respectful relationships between staff members. Emotional intelligence, brain science and other related research and strategies are used to support and promote positive change and transformation to build a happy, productive and respectful workplace.

We aim to make a difference in your life and the lives of adults or children with whom you work.

Your Facilitator

Training and Education Services (TES) has been operating since 2012. We specialise in building skills and capacities in the education and business sectors.

Dr Kathy Murray is the passionate founder of TES. Kathy has over 35 years’ experience working with people in the education and business worlds. She is a public speaker, motivator, coach, tertiary lecturer, teacher and advocate for wellness in the workplace and people working respectfully with each other. Kathy has presented a range of topics to varied audiences nationally and internationally.

Kathy’s qualifications include:
Diploma in Teaching (Primary/Preschool), Bachelor of Education, Masters of Education, Cert IV in Training and Assessing, Doctor of Education as well as many certificates and workplace recognition awards including Distance Educator of the Year 2017 and 2018.


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Here’s what clients have to say about Training and Education Services

“Kathy has a strong commitment to the teaching profession, with an excellent knowledge of pedagogy and subject matter. Her confidence and ability to articulate effective strategies for use in early childhood classrooms has been invaluable.”
“She quickly established positive relationships with all staff, collaborating with teachers and administrators. She understands the policies and procedures of the school.”
“Her presentations and workshops are professionally rewarding, with research-based evidence used in the delivery of material, practical advice and useful strategies given.”
“Kathy Murray is a wonderful mentor, coach and consultant.”
“Her warmth resonates to build strong, trusting and professional relationships. She is approachable, patient and a great listener.”
“Kathy offers critiques and advice in positive and productive ways.”
“Kathy is a meticulous observer of classroom practice.”
“Kathy has a wonderful insight into the daily lives of children.”
“She asks questions that prompt reflection and understanding.”
“Kathy has a great sense of humour.”
“Kathy is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter who offers practical information and examples.”
“We regularly use Training and Education Services to work with our large team of early childhood professionals. Training and Education Services have had a positive impact on our entire team of educators and taken their teaching to a new level. The company has experienced educational trainers who have a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to assist our staff.”
“Training and Education Services have mentored our staff and trained them in current research early childhood practices. The trainers are knowledgeable in early childhood development, have practical information on implementing the Early Years Learning Framework and abiding with the ACECQA’s National Quality Framework.”

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